Sharing from a 18-year old boy who got exactly what he prayed for in his GCE ‘A’ Level Exam!
I get the exact result I prayed for in my GCE A Level Exam!
After 2 years I’m back again (wrote Inspirational Stories 113 ‘Sharing from a 16-year old boy who’s just gotten his GCE ‘O’Level) and this time also with good news, I had went to a Junior College(JC) to study for my GCE ‘A’ level and once again, I was blessed with the exact result I prayed for again!
I almost failed my Year 1 in JC and going into Graduation Year, everyone was scared, even up till prelims I still failed in most of my subjects. But I told myself that what happened at my GCE O level has proven that Guan Yin Pusa will help me, I held on and asked for average results, I sincerely believed that I Should Not be too greedy with what I asked from Guan Yin Pusa since I was already not doing too well and so I only prayed for 75 rank points (Full marks is 90) and I got it Exactly! No more no less again once more! Gan En Guan Yin Pusa!
Since Secondary 4, I will diligently chant at 9 o’clock, my parents also chanted for me while I was taking my GCE A level examination. My mum also transferred her merits that she volunteered at the various XLFM Dharma events and she prayed daily to Guan Yin Pusa to grant me my wish(保佑儿子心想事成)and Pusa really grant me my wish! My mum also does live fish liberation monthly for the whole family.
Guan Yin Pusa is really kind and compassionate. As long as we diligently chant and be kind and compassionate like Guan Yin Pusa, we will be blessed with what we wanted in life!
As per my sharing in 2016, you can be like me, start praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and start reciting mantras. As for any religion, all you need is to put all your trust in it and truly believe. For only when you do, your prayers will be answered. Even if you are not yet ready to join a religion like mine, I hope that you do something good with your life, help people in need, treat your friends and family well.
J Low (A fellow messenger of peace)