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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s radio call-in programs)


Caller: A Buddhist practitioner dreamt that she was reading the book “Buddhism in Plain Terms” to a group of people. After she finished reading a chapter, she said,“ Deepest gratitude to Guan Yin Bodhisattva.” When she stepped out of the house, she looked up at the sky and saw a Dharma Protector. Her immediate thoughts were that when she was reading “Buddhism in Plain Terms”, the Dharma Protector was with her from the beginning to the end. In the dream, she used her handphone to take a picture of the Dharma Protector and said: “I will use this picture when introducing Buddhism to other people. It will help them believe in the existence of Bodhisattvas” and there are Dharma Protectors on every page of “Buddhism in Plain Terms”. There are Dharma Protectors on the top of every page that she turned over. Then, when she tried to show them to people, she felt that the book slid from her abdomen area into her pants. Master Lu, does this indicate some inappropriate handling?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Firstly, all Buddhist materials have Dharma Protectors. Thus, the books of “Buddhism In Plain Terms” have immense energies. Many people may think that the contents are very simple to understand. Actually, the level of comprehension depends on whether you perceive it in depth or in a shallow way.

Caller: Yes, indeed.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Secondly, this is to tell her to respect the Dharma Protectors when she sees them. She could have mishandled the book of “Buddhism in Plan Terms” with no respect. That is why she dreamt about the book sliding into her pants. The Dharma Protectors hold high regards and respect for the book; therefore, it is disrespectful to place the book of “Buddhism in Plain Terms” inappropriately.

Caller: Master Lu, can we place the book in our bedroom?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is alright to place it in the bedroom or on the bedside so long as the place is clean.

Caller: Most bedrooms are not very clean. Would it be better if we do not place it in the bedroom?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is okay to do so. You can keep it inside a red cover or a red bag; something red to protect it and it should be alright.