Selected Recording of Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse in Guan Yin Hall on 29 Mar 2017




If you are constantly performing recitations throughout your life, you will be able to eliminate eight billions of life and death catastrophes.  The recitations is not limited to just chanting ‘Amitabha’; it also includes recitations of sutras and mantras.  When one hears the numeric quantifier – ‘billion’, does it appear to be plentiful?   In other words, a person who spends all his life performing recitations of scriptures will be able to dispel many calamities.  Do you think disasters and difficulties will befall upon one who recites scriptures throughout his life?   In the past, the nuns and monks who renounced their commoners’ lifestyle at a very young age and they did their recitations in the temples all their lives, did they encounter any calamity in the temples?  Just take a look at how much sufferings and calamities we have to endure in the Human Realm. Therefore, Dharma is indubitable.  Although you may have committed many bad deeds in your past lives, however, if you are able to offer your prayers and perform recitations and repent sincerely like the monks and nuns; your grievous sins will gradually be dispelled.  For example, to those young Buddhist friends from the Secretariat Department; if they had committed many bad deeds in their past lives; be it in lifestyles, careers or family lives, and if they begin to perform recitations and repentances as well as amassing merits in the Guan Yin Hall daily now, what calamities would befall them?  This is how many of the impending disasters are being resolved.

Repentance is the root for all Buddhist Practitioners