[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 16th February 2013. Master Lu saw that the caller had gastroptosis, as well as problems with her lower back, digestive system, and shoulders. The caller confirmed all of the symptoms. Master Lu helped her to find the root cause of her chronic conditions, which are all due to the foreign spirit of her aborted child.


Master Lu: Hello?

Caller: Hello, Master Lu! Could you please have a look at my Totem. I was born in 1969, Year of the Rooster.

Master Lu: Your lower back is not good!

Caller: Yes, yes, that’s right!

Master Lu: Both of your thighs are weak.

Caller: Yes!

Master Lu: You also have discomfort in your stomach.

Caller: Yes, I have very poor digestion.

Master Lu: You also have gastroptosis.

Caller: Yes, yes, that’s right!

Master Lu:  Your arms and shoulders are sore as well.

Caller: It’s been very, very painful for many years. You’re right about all of them. I have serious problems with my lower back, and my shoulders…

Master Lu: Now you know all of your problematic areas. Please mindfully and sincerely recite Little Houses. You still have the foreign spirit of your aborted child on you.