[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 5th January 2013. Two weeks after the caller got married, she had a high fever and her period had terminated since. She was then diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. For the past 8 or 9 years, she had been on medication but this made no improvement. Master Lu said that her situation was out of the ordinary. Her Totem showed that she had no major foreign spirits, and she only had very little negative karma. So why would she have such a serious condition? Further Totem Enquiry revealed that the caller became a monk during this time in the previous life after having relationship breakdowns. The monk made a Great Vow that he will never perform intimate actions again, in the present life as well as in all of his future lives. As a result, in this life, her menstruation stopped immediately after she got married.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller:  Hi, Master Lu. Could you please have a look at my health? In 2004, two weeks after I got married, I had a fever from a urinary tract infection. Since then, I’ve been getting hot flushes similar to what happens during menopause, and my menstruation terminated completely. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, and years of medication had made no improvement.

Master Lu:  You haven’t had your menstruation since then?

Caller:  That’s right. I haven’t had it ever since.

Master Lu: Which year were you born in? What’s your Chinese zodiac sign?

Caller:  I was born in 1981, Year of the Rooster.

Master Lu: Actually, your Totem is quite purified! Why would this happen? There are many minor foreign spirits on your lower back. Otherwise, you don’t have much negative karma at all. Let me see… Oh… Ah…

Caller:  In the past it was all pretty normal. It became abnormal ever since I got married in 2004.

Master Lu: Hm… Alright… I know what’s going on. At this particular age in your previous life, you were already a monk.

Caller:  Oh…

Master Lu: I will tell you a bit more about your previous life. In this life, before you got married, you had good relationships with your friends.

Caller:  Yes, yes, yes! That’s right!

Master Lu: That’s before the age you became a monk in your previous life!

Caller: Oh…

Master Lu: In your past life, you committed misconducts in your relationship and you were deeply wounded emotionally. So you decided to become a monk. After the tonsure, you made a Great Vow to Bodhisattva that you will never, for the rest of your life, and for all of your future lives… Do you understand what “never” means?

Caller:  I understand, Master Lu!

Master Lu: You vowed that you will never do it again. That’s why in this life you have lost your menstruation.

Caller:  No wonder this occurred after I got married.

Master Lu: That’s right. It stopped immediately after you got married.

Caller:  That’s correct.

Master Lu: That’s why I tell everyone not to make vows that you can’t keep – I will do this and that in my next life… You will have to come back in the next life and keep this vow!