[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “Say it as You Wish” radio program on 21st December 2012. The caller said that she had an incurable illness for over 10 years, and she recovered after reciting Little Houses. Her daughter, who had asthma for 10 years, was in Korea. She did not have any asthma attacks even in the extreme cold temperature of -14oC.


Caller: I would like to give my feedback. I had an illness for over 10 years. After performing recitations – I’ve received the medical examination report from my doctor to confirm this – my illness has been cured!

Master Lu: See? You should thank Guan Yin Bodhisattva!

Caller: Yes! Deepest gratitude to Guan Yin Bodhisattva! Deepest gratitude to Master! I’m so grateful!

Master Lu: Think about it, an illness that has been troubling you for 10 years, you must have taken all sorts of medication and seen all sorts of doctors. Isn’t that painful?

Caller: The doctors said that there’s no cure for this!

Master Lu: How painful is that? It’s all good now! You recovered because you’re reciting Little Houses now.

Caller: Yes, yes, yes! There’s something else. My daughter had asthma for 10 years. We prayed for the protection and blessings from Guan Yin Bodhisattva before she went to Korea. She didn’t have any asthma attacks despite the temperature of -14oC. Thank you to Guan Yin Bodhisattva. I believe that she no longer has asthma.

Master Lu: Hm. Definitely. Very good!

Caller: Thank you, thank you! Deepest gratitude to Master! Deepest gratitude to Guan Yin Bodhisattva!