[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 15th December 2012. Master Lu pointed out that the caller had poor health, a swollen neck, and problems with her throat – all of which were confirmed by the caller. Master Lu also mentioned that she has sleep problems. The caller said that she had insomnia – she could not sleep and feels scared at night. In addition, she was experiencing spasms and symptoms of epilepsy, but doctors were not able to diagnose her condition, so she could not be treated. Since practising under the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, her condition has improved significantly. Master Lu then pointed out that there was a foreign spirit of an aborted child on her belly, causing her to have poor digestion.


Caller: I would like to ask about myself. I was born in 1979, Year of the Ram. I want to ask about my health.

Master Lu: Firstly, you are physically weak, and you have inflammation around your neck.

Caller: Yes, that’s right! That’s right!

Master Lu: You have problems with your tonsils and your throat.

Caller: I often feel like there’s something stuck in my throat.

Master Lu: That’s what I’m saying. Also, you don’t sleep well!

Caller: I know. Now that I’m following Master Lu’s practice, I’m already much better. In the past, I would be awake all night, and I would feel very uncomfortable. For a while, I was having spasms similar to epilepsy. But the doctors said it wasn’t epilepsy. I was very disturbed and I feel scared at night. Now that I’m practising under the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door…

Master Lu: Now that you have encountered my teachings, your condition has improved a lot.

Caller: Hm, yes, yes. I know. I’m a lot better now. I have really improved a lot!

Master Lu: Hm.

Caller: Do I have any foreign spirits?

Master Lu: Have you transferred merits to the child that you aborted?

Caller: I have. I’ve recited 21 Little Houses for the child. Is this enough?

Master Lu: There’s one that is hanging on your stomach, that’s why you feel discomfort in that area.

Caller: Hm, yes!

Master Lu: There’s another one that’s pulling on your belly button!

Caller: Oh…