[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 6th December 2012. The Totem revealed that the caller had consumed too many live creatures in the past and thus her digestive system is poor. Master Lu also pointed out that she has bad Feng-Shui at home, including the poor placement of the bed, having a mirror on the left side of the door, and that she rarely switched on the lights at night. The caller confirmed that all of the above were true. The caller was in Malaysia. Despite the distance, Master Lu was able to see her Totem within seconds.


Caller: Master Lu, could you please have a look for me. I was born in 1974, Year of the Ox.

Master Lu: Ah-yo! You need to be careful, your digestive system is not good!

Caller: That’s right!

Master Lu: You have negative karmas and foreign spirits in your digestive system. Ah-yo, you ate too many live creatures in the past.

Caller: Oh…

Master Lu: Let me tell you, the Feng-Shui at your place is not very good.

Caller: The Feng-Shui at my place? Eh… What should I do?

Master Lu: Your bed is not placed in a good position. It’s better if you place it a bit more towards the right. In other words, when you enter your bedroom, the bed should be on the right hand side. It is too much towards the left now and you have a foreign spirit in the left corner of the room.

Caller: The left corner? The left side of the room as I enter the door?

Master Lu: Yes, and there’s a mirror there!

Caller: Left side? Oh, yes, yes, yes!

Master Lu: Where are you calling from? Singapore or Malaysia?

Caller: Malaysia.

Master Lu: You see, it only took Master Lu a couple seconds to go to Malaysia. You see? Ha ha…

Caller: Ha ha. Yes!

Master Lu: I can also see that you don’t switch on the lights often. You don’t have to be so frugal on electricity bills. It’s too dark.

Caller: Oh. Okay, okay.