[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 27th November 2012. The caller said that her daughter has a lot of acne on her face and treatments have failed. From her Totem, it shows that her menstruation cycle is irregular. Master Lu suggested not to give her spicy food. In frustration, the caller said that her daughter loves spicy food. What seems like a simple reminder is actually pointing out the root cause of the problem. No wonder she still has acne.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Hello, Master! I would like to ask you to have a look for my daughter, born in 1992, Year of the Monkey. Can you have a look at her health. She’s been having the flu lately and she has a lot of acne on her face, which haven’t reduced with any treatment.

Master Lu: Oh, it’s not a big problem. Don’t worry too much. Her menstruation cycle is irregular.

Caller: Yes, yes. It’s not that regular.

Master Lu: Let me tell you about your child.  Don’t give her too much spicy or over-stimulating food!

Caller: No spicy food? She loves spicy food.

Master Lu: That’s not good.

Caller: Oh… Then does she have a lot of negative karmas?

Master Lu: She does have a lot of negative karmas. That’s why she has a bad temper.

Caller: Hm. She has improved a lot since she started performing recitations.