[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 17th November 2012. Master Lu revealed that the root cause of a caller’s teeth problem was because she consumed snakes in the past. This case demonstrates the law of causality.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Master Lu! I would like to ask about myself. I was born in 1989, Year of the Snake. I have seen orthodontists for my teeth with no success. Even the specialists don’t know when I can have my braces removed. Would you please take a look for me?

Master Lu: Let me tell you… Young lady, you’re a kind person, but you ate too many live creatures when you were little.

Caller: Oh. Yes, yes, yes. Probably fish.

Master Lu: You ate a lot of fish! Let me also tell you, you were born in the Year of the Snake, and you ate a lot of snakes too!

Caller: Oh! Yes, yes, yes. I wasn’t aware of that when I was little.

Master Lu: You weren’t aware? Does that mean you can commit wrongdoings?

Caller: Yes, yes, yes. I promise that I will perform recitations mindfully.

Master Lu: You need to recite the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra (Wang Sheng Chou) every day!

Caller: Oh. I will, I will.

Master Lu: Have you made a Great Vow yet? That you will not consume live seafood again.

Caller: Yes, yes, yes! I also perform Life Liberation every month.

Master Lu: Hm. Be good! In fact, your health hasn’t been that good since birth.

Caller: Yes, yes, yes!

Master Lu: You have vitamin D deficiency, and calcium deficiency.

Caller: Oh.

Master Lu: Your digestive system isn’t that good either.

Caller: That’s right.

Master Lu: You need to get more sun! You have too much “Yin” energy.