[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 8th November 2012. This case demonstrates that the Buddhist teachings under the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door are helping us to resolve the afflictions and difficulties in our current life as the top priority.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Master Lu! Hello! I was originally practising under the Pure Land Dharma Door. I was born in 1963, Year of the Rabbit.

Master Lu: Your entire life has been very difficult. Very tough… Do you understand what I’m saying?

Caller: I understand… [Starts crying.]

Master Lu: Also, you have been very unfortunate in your relationships. You’re dominated by others all the time. Do you know what I mean?

Caller: Yes, I do… [Cries.]

Master Lu: You need to know… Let me tell you, you need to practise Buddhism! I can even see what you look like right now. I really feel sorry for you. Your back is hunched, and you already have lots of grey hair!

Caller: That’s right…

Master Lu: You’re not that old! Think about how much you have suffered. You’re the type of person who doesn’t share your pain with others, and keeps everything to yourself.

Caller: Yes, yes… Yes… [Cries.] What you said is so true!

Master Lu: I can see everything clearly! Also, your thighs are not well, and your joints are problematic!

Caller: Yes, yes, yes!

Master Lu: Also, you need to look after your bowel movements, and all other aspects of your health!

Caller: Oh… I will definitely practise Buddhism mindfully!