[From the Editor] During the “Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 16th October 2012, a caller enquired about her health. Master Lu instantly revealed that she has been gaining weight and that her legs were sore. She performs her recitations quite well but she has not introduced Buddhism to many people yet.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Ah-ya! Master! How are you? I was born in 1966, Year of the Horse. Please take a look at my health.

Master Lu: There are no major issues with your health, but watch your weight – your belly is getting bigger.

Caller: Ha ha. Master, you’re so right!

Master Lu: You are quite good looking, but you have gained some weight and your face is getting chubby. So you are not as good looking as when you were young.

Caller: That’s right! That’s right! Master, you’re so accurate!

Master Lu: Watch out, your lower back is not very good.

Caller: Hm, yeah! It’s a bit sore!

Master Lu: Also your legs, you won’t be able to feel them anymore after long walks.

Caller: That’s right! Yes, yes! Master, how are my recitations?

Master Lu: You recite quite well.

Caller: Thank you, Master!

Master Lu: But you haven’t helped many people by introducing Buddhism to them.

Caller: Master Lu, you’re so right! That’s my shortcoming! I will try my best. I will help more people by introducing Buddhism to them. I will perform more Life Liberation, and more recitations.