[From the Editor] A caller provided feedback during the “Say it as You Wish” radio program on 15th June 2012, Sydney Australia local time. A Dharma cultivator attended the Disciple Induction Ceremony in Hong Kong, after which Master Lu performed Totem Enquiry for him and said that he no longer has cancerous cells within him. Later he went for a medical examination and his cancer was indeed gone. This is another case where a cancer patient was cured. By following the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, cancer is no longer a terminal illness.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Hi Master! I am from Hebei. We have a fellow Buddhist cultivator here, and he also became a disciple of yours. He had rectum cancer. After the Disciple Induction Ceremony on 29 April 2012, you performed Totem Enquiry for him and told him that he no longer had cancerous cells within him.  A few days ago he went to the hospital for a regular medical examination, and the report indicated that the cancer was gone. He was extremely happy.

Master Lu: Oh… You see, how good is that!

Caller: Now he truly believes in Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and believes in Master Lu.

Master Lu: You think about it, rectum cancer. And now it’s cured!

Caller: All cured! All cured!

Master Lu: Did I perform Totem Enquiry for him while I was in Hong Kong?

Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah, on the night of 29th April. He‘s very excited. He’s truly grateful to Master Lu!

Master Lu: Think about it. How many families went broke because of cancer treatment.

Caller: That’s so true!

Master Lu: Not only do people go broke, it also affects family relations and emotions. So when a person’s cancer is cured, it is phenomenal news.

Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s extremely happy. In the past he had difficulties with introducing Buddhism to others. After he came back from the Hong Kong Dharma Function, he was full of Dharma Bliss and he has crossed over many people by introducing Buddhism to them.

Master Lu: Yes. We must save people! Only those who save others are Bodhisattvas.

Caller: Yes!