Wenda20160710B 42:28
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Please enlighten us Master Lu. You have mentioned previously that hanging the poster of the Great Compassion Mantra at home would help create positive energy field. However, if the family members are not full-time vegetarians, is it ok to hang it in the living room?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, it’s ok.

Caller: Will it be disrespectful to the Great Compassion Mantra if not everyone in the family is vegetarian?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You cannot help it. You have no choice.

Caller: Oh, if given a choice, can it be hung inside the bedroom of a bachelorette? That is, to hang the poster inside the Buddhist practitioner’s bedroom.

Master Jun Hong Lu: You may do so as long as there is no sexual conduct in the room.

Caller: She is single.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That is alright then.

Caller: Can she hang it facing her feet or hang it above the headboard?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Neither is acceptable. She can only hang it alongside the bed.