Q134: Hi Master Lu, when we give gifts during festive seasons or special occasions, what should we be aware of?


  • Shoes should not be given as gifts. From the ancient times to the present, shoes are symbols of “iniquity”. Anything that is not on the proper path is considered to be iniquitous. In addition, you should be aware of the following regarding shoes:
    • Avoid wearing shoes that have previously been worn by others.
    • Avoid wearing white, red or yellow shoes.
    • Avoid wearing high heels if you wish to conceive. Wearing high heels means that your feet are not connected to the ground and you are not “down to earth”, thus you are likely to be physically unwell.
    • The shoe cabinet should always be closed and be kept clean and tidy. Otherwise, it may affect the energy field at home.
    • In the shoe cabinet, if your shoes are placed so that they are pointing inwards, then the iniquitous energy would be coming inwards; if your shoes are pointing outwards, then the iniquitous energy would be going outwards.
    • It is best to place the doormat outside. As you enter the door, you can step on the doormat a few times to leave the negative energy outside your home.
    • If you dream of shoes, it is generally not a good sign, and it usually predicts misfortune or trouble. You can include the Jvala Mahaugra Dharani (Hsiao Tsai Chi Hsiang Shen Chou) in your Daily Recitation. It could also be related to interpersonal conflicts. If you dream of wearing shoes that are too small, so that your feet are restricted by ill-fitting shoes, it means that you would have difficulties with achieving your goal. In this case, you should recite the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (Chieh Chieh Chou), and continue to recite Little Houses for your Karmic Creditors.
  • Clocks should not be given as gifts.
    • In Chinese, “giving a clock” sounds similar to “farewelling someone in a funeral”.
    • Clocks represent the boundary for the “Yin” world and the “Yang” world. As one hour passes, the bells ring and this hour is gone forever, never to return. It is equivalent to the reduction of one’s lifespan. For a similar reason, the celebration of birthdays is not encouraged.
    • It is best to avoid having a large clock or a clock that is visible from the main door. It is also not recommended to have a hanging clock in the bedroom. If you must have a hanging clock at home, you can place it in the kitchen.
    • If you dream about clocks, it is generally not a good sign, as it means that time is running out. You should increase the number of times that you recite for each sutra and mantra for your Daily Recitation, and recite more Little Houses. In addition, you should make Great Vows and perform Life Liberation.
  • Items such as scissors, knives, etc. that are used for cutting or breaking things apart should also not be given as gifts.
    • If you dream that someone gives you scissors or knives, it means that you may experience break-ups in your relationships.
    • It is also not recommended to give nail clippers.
  • For red pockets, it is best to have whole numbers, for example, $50, $100, $200, etc.


[Updated 2012.07.05]