Q120: Hi Master Lu, when I perform recitations, I sometimes burp, sneeze, cry, yawn, experience tingling on the scalp, or feel tired and want to sleep, etc. What are the causes?


  • While you are performing recitations, it is fine if you experience the following: burping, sneezing, itchiness on the nose, and passing wind, etc. These are normal reactions of the body as a result of the operation of your energy field.
  • If you yawn while you are performing recitations, it is likely that foreign spirits have come to occupy your body, or Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are visiting.
  • If you cry while you are performing recitations, it is an expression of your compassionate mind. You are in fact connected to the energy field of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. However, it does not count if your eyes are watering as a result of yawning.
  • If you feel tingling on your scalp while are you performing recitations, and at the same time your are shivering because you feel cold, then that means your Karmic Creditor is asking you to repay karmic debts and you need to recite Little Houses. On the other hand, if you feel pulses between your eyebrows, warmth throughout your body, and tingling on the soles of your feet, then these are good signals that indicate the successful removal of blockages in your meridians.
  • Feeling sleepy while performing recitations:
    • Your body may just be exhausted. In this case, it is best not to perform recitations, because the effectiveness would be reduced.
    • If you experience sleepiness only when you recite a particular sutra or mantra, then it may indicate that your recitation for that sutra or mantra is relatively well performed. As you perform recitations, your body is getting recharged, and when you take in the positive energy, your body is relaxed and you feel comfortable. This could also cause sleepiness.
    • If you experience sleepiness when you recite the Heart Sutra (Hsin Ching) or the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra (Wang Sheng Chou), then you should be cautious. It would be best for you to recite them during day time or on a sunny day when the “Yang” energy is at its peak.
    • In addition to sleepiness, if you also experience headache or dizziness, then it is possible that your Karmic Creditor is asking you to repay your karmic debts.
    • If you do not have any of the conditions described above, yet you still feel sleepy as soon as you start performing recitations, then you should use your willpower to persistently perform recitations, fight against your sleepiness, and practise Buddhism vigorously and enthusiastically.


[Updated 2012.06.27]