Q102: Hi Master Lu, please advise us on the following question: When I was little, I had the name “XY”, and I also had the name “XZ”. I am not sure which name was the one on my birth certificate. I have used “AA” as my name for many years now, and this is the name that I use for my official identifications. How do I lodge my Application for Name Change? What should I write as the original name in the application? Can I write it as “XY/XZ”?


  • You can use the Application for True Name. You can download the application form from <www.GuanYinCitta.com>. For the procedure for lodging the Application for True Name, you can follow the procedure for lodging the Application for Name Change in Q&A 002 “Regarding changing names” and Q&A 081 “Regarding how to determine if the Application for Name Change is successful”.
  • Please print the Application for True Name on a piece of yellow A4 paper.
  • This method is only applicable for people who are unsure of their original name, and for children who were adopted.


[Updated 2012.06.26]