Q065: Dear Master Lu, due to personal time management issues, I am only able to do my Daily Recitation (Kung Ko) six days a week. Can I skip one day and not recite anything for that day? Can I compensate for the recitation that I missed on a later day?

  • Once you have committed to a set quantity for your Daily Recitation, you must be able to achieve it. In some cases, it may be preferable to set a lower number of sutras and mantras for your Daily Recitation. For example, if you have decided to recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Ta Pei Chou) 7 times per day, then you must achieve this quantity every day. When you recite more than 7 times per day, the additional mantras that you recited can be counted as extras.
  • It is very important for you to set the number of sutras and mantras that you include in your Daily Recitation.
  • For special occasions or unusual conditions that you are unable to finish your Daily Recitation for the day, you can inform Guan Yin Bodhisattva about your situation and perform your Daily Recitation in advance.
  • If there is a sudden change in conditions and you are unable to finish your Daily Recitation for the day, you should also inform Guan Yin Bodhisattva by saying the following, “May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva forgive me, <your full name>, I am unable to finish my Daily Recitation today and I will finish it tomorrow.”
  • No matter how busy you are, you should ensure that you at least recite some sutras and mantras every day, even if you are just reciting the Great Compassion Mantra several times.
  • For the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance (Li Fo Ta Chan Hui Wen), if you have missed reciting this sutra and need to make up for it at a later time, it is better to spread the quantity over several days, instead of reciting all of your missing portion in a lump sum. You should not recite the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance more than 7 times in one day.


[Updated 2012.04.26]