Q064: Dear Master Lu, in your “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program, you often talk about foreign spirits and negative karmas. We get the general idea about what they are, but we are wondering if you would be able to explain it in further details, as this could be a very important concept. Thank you very much.


  • When a person steals something, talks behind someone’s back, murders someone, or commits any wrongdoing, negative energy field is generated, and a patch of black cloud or mist would be generated in this person’s soul and consciousness. This black cloud or mist would enter this person’s body and occupy certain parts of the body, depending on the scale of the negative karmas. Some of the negative energies would take effect immediately, and some would be transformed into negative karmas and is then stored in certain parts of the body. These black clouds can be considered as negative karmas. For negative karmas, consciousness is not present, and therefore negative karmas would not move or relocate to other parts of the body before foreign spirits are activated from the negative karmas.
  • When performing Totem Enquiry for a person, Master Lu sees negative karmas as patches of black energies. If a person has many black energy patches and the colour is very dark, then it means that this person has committed many wrongdoings in the past and present lives. The more black energy patches there are on the body, the more unpleasant experiences with health, career and relationships this person would be having.
  • The best method to eliminate negative karmas is by persistently reciting the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance (Li Fo Ta Chan Hui Wen) 7 times per day, together with the recitation of Little Houses (Hsiao Fang Tzu). You can recite 3 to 4 Little Houses per week.
  • Foreign spirits are known as our Karmic Creditors, also known as “ghosts”. However, please do not refer to them as “ghosts”. Please refer to them as “foreign spirits” or “Karmic Creditors” to show our respect to them. Foreign spirits can be our deceased relatives, friends, neighbours, etc in the past and present lives. Foreign spirits have consciousness and are able to relocate themselves. Similar to the effects of negative karmas, if foreign spirits are occupying a person’s body, then this person would experience obstacles in health, career and relationships, as well as have their fortune affected, etc.
  • While performing Totem Enquiry, Master Lu often sees that foreign spirits have a shining silver colour. These spirits also include Scattered Spirits (San Ling), or incomplete spirits. Silver is the typical colour of spirits. Therefore we should not wear silver clothes, children should not play with silver toys, and ladies should not wear silver or platinum accessories, as the silver colour tends to attract spirits.
  • The best method to transfer merits to spirits is by reciting the Little House. For details, please refer to Q&A 004 “How to determine if foreign spirits are occupying our body”.
  • Suppose explosives represent negative karmas. When a person has a lot of negative karmas stored in the body, it is similar to having a lot of explosives stored in the body. When this person has committed numerous wrongdoings and the storage of explosives reaches its full capacity, then as soon as a spirit becomes activated, the time will come and this person’s causality will take effect. All the stored explosives would explode, and this person would be “blown into pieces”. This may be the time that a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, or is involved in a fatal automobile accident.
  • The relationship between foreign spirits and negative karmas is as follows: foreign spirits are activated negative karmas, and negative karmas is foreign spirits that have not yet been activated.


[Updated 2012.04.26]