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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)




Nowadays, there are many Buddhist friends who upon learning from Master that the virtues derived from Dharma Dana are immeasurable, so they go all out to disseminate various discourses, videos, recordings, and so on, of which they had never seriously listened to, or read.  They assumed that they will gain virtuous achievements and perfect wisdom by doing so.  Master, please enlighten us, what will be the retribution from this action?

Master Jun Hong Lu:

The retribution is not good and what will that be?  It will not only result in the failure to help others but also causes harm to the other party’s spiritual life. For example, there is a normal person, if I were the one who help him, I may succeed with ease.  However, as your wisdom is imperfect and your cultivation is not up to the mark, coupled with a lot of bad habits.  When you approach this person under such circumstances, you assumed that you have performed Dharma Dana and helped him, but in actual fact, the other party is observing you and thinking, “such a person is learning Buddhism?”.  This will deter him from learning.  The next time, should I approach him, he will not even listen to me anymore. In this scenario, do you not think that you have harmed that person’s spiritual life? And do you know what retribution is in store for that?  You will descend to the animal realm.  Do you understand?