Chinese Chan Culture and Guan Yin Citta

Interview with Master Jun Hong Lu, President of 2OR Australia Oriental Radio


3. From Broadcasting to Propagating Buddhism

Master Jun Hong Lu was born in Shanghai, China, into a family of scholars and artists who have deep connections with Confucism and Buddhism. Inspired and guided by his father, Master Jun Hong Lu was introduced to the ideals of Confucism from an early age. He also had a rich knowledge of music and was proficient with many musical instruments. Growing up and nourished in an artistic environment, the naturally talented Master Jun Hong Lu became a teacher for the opera class of the Shanghai Theatre Academy at a young age. In 1982, Master Jun Hong Lu was invited to Beijing to perform at the grand Chinese opera performance in commemoration of the 20th death anniversary of Mei Lanfang. He was the accompanist for Mr. Mei Baojiu and Mr. Mei Baoyue, and later published a vinyl recording from the event. Master Jun Hong Lu performed as a conductor for orchestras in many theatrical academies as well as large-scale performances, demonstrating his outstanding musical talents. His exceptional public speaking and organisational skills have also been highly commended.

Master Jun Hong Lu arrived in Australia in 1989 and continued a career in music education. In 1990, he was invited by the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and received remarkable recognition for his lecture on “The method of presentation of music in the traditional Chinese opera”. Since then, Master Jun Hong Lu has dedicated himself to promoting traditional Chinese arts and culture. He had helped to define a new ground for the local Chinese community with his highly-developed talents and broad spectrum of knowledge.

The experience and success in his music career is one of the significant chapters in Master Jun Hong Lu’s life. This perhaps foretold his later success in the media industry and becoming the most popular “Prince of Broadcasting”.

In July 1998, Master Jun Hong Lu began his radio broadcasting career in a Chinese radio station in Sydney as a radio program host. Because of his authentic Mandarin pronunciation, clear and bright voice, and his enthusiastic and humorous presentation style, Master Jun Hong Lu always had positive interactions with the listeners, thus gaining an increasing number of supporters over time. He found true happiness and contentment through the in-depth communications on a spiritual level, which has formed a foundation for the propagation of Buddhist teachings in later years.

Master Jun Hong Lu was passionate and has realised his full potential in Australia. In addition to his work at the radio station, Master Jun Hong Lu still attended various performances and charity events. He truly believed that to give is more rewarding than to receive, and he would constantly put this into practice. In the grand charity event “Rich and Poor Banquet” held at the University of New South Wales by Oxfam International in 1998, Master Jun Hong Lu performed in an instrumental ensemble with Aboriginal performers. It was very well received with thunderous applause from the audience.

As a Buddhist with a deep connection with Confucism and Buddhism since childhood, Master Jun Hong Lu actively promotes Buddhist ideals while setting an example to others. He participated in charity performances, and was also personally involved in various charity work. After reading a locally distributed Buddhist publication, “Tzu Chi Ren”, he immediately phoned the President of Tzu Chi Foundation to apply for a volunteer position. Every Tuesday, Master Jun Hong Lu would drive the fellow volunteers to a nursing home and provide care for the elders. Regardless of the external factors or his own physical wellbeing, he never missed a single day during his five years of service. This shows the great compassion from deep within. It surpasses the ordinary, and demonstrates the spirit and integrity of a true Buddhist.

Master Jun Hong Lu is both a philanthropist and a well-known social activist in Australia. In 1998, he founded and became the President of the Australian Opera Research Centre (later renamed as the Australian Chinese Opera & Media Association). In the same year, in response to major flooding in China, Master Jun Hong Lu organised a disaster relief charity performance, and donated the $20,000 raised to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China to help the people who were affected.

Today, Master Jun Hong Lu has been working in the Chinese media sector in Australia, as well as been in the role of the President of the radio station in the past 14 years. For decades, he has been propagating Buddhism and traditional Chinese culture. Master Jun Hong Lu is highly regarded by the local Chinese listeners. As a well-known leader in the Chinese community and the media industry, he has always promoted the cultural exchange between Australia and China, and has received significant recognition from the Australian mainstream society.