Warmest congratulations to Master Jun Hong Lu for being honoured with the “British Community Honours Award” at the House of Lords, United Kingdom. On 1st October 2012, the award ceremony took place at the UK Parliament House. This award was presented by members of the British Royal Family and it is one of the highest recognitions of the Commonwealth ethnic communities.

This well-deserved recognition for Master Jun Hong Lu was anticipated by many. For the past few decades, Master Jun Hong Lu has been propagating traditional Chinese culture and helping people through his Buddhist teachings. His outstanding contributions to world peace and humanity have now received the highest affirmation and respect. This is another remarkable honour for Master Jun Hong Lu after he had received the “World Peace Award (Buddhism)” from the Unity of Faiths in July this year.

Master Jun Hong Lu is the founder of the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. With great compassion, Master Jun Hong Lu has been selflessly dedicating himself to help and benefit people for the past few decades. Through the Buddhist practice of great courage and great compassion, Master Jun Hong Lu has been propagating Buddhism for everyday life to people around the world. In merely a few years, there are over 5 million people following Master Jun Hong Lu’s teachings. With the spirit and compassion of Mahayana Buddhism, they are helping others to experience the effects of practising Buddhism while changing their own lives and finding the ultimate happiness from practising Guan Yin Citta. For years, Master Jun Hong Lu has been continuously promoting traditional Chinese culture to the world for its ideals and essence to be widely accepted and appreciated.

Recently, Master Jun Hong Lu was invited to give a public talk at Harvard University on the topic of “Compassion and Wisdom – Buddhism Changes Life”. Master Jun Hong Lu has moved many people through his exemplification of Buddhist practice, and has also made a global impact through his Buddhist teachings over the past few decades. The “British Community Honours Award” represents an affirmation for Master Jun Hong Lu as well as Guan Yin Citta for the positive global impact. Guan Yin Citta is now blossoming on the world stage, presenting a great honour to Master Jun Hong Lu’s country of origin. We would like to sincerely express our gratitude to all the followers and supporters of Guan Yin Citta for your wholehearted contributions. Master Jun Hong Lu will continue to devote his life to promote Chinese culture, to strengthen the harmony and stability of society, and to support the development of humanity and world peace.



The “British Community Honours Award” is a special award that is recognised by her majesty the Queen and has been established for 11 years. Each year, this award is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the welfare and harmony of society in areas including education, politics, business, law, humanity, and environment. This annual award is presented by the British Royal Family and members of parliament.