Wenda20160311 26:06 

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)




Master Lu, you said before that when a person contracted influenza or….is he considered to have ridden out a karmic pass?  Take for example, a couple got into very heated argument but reconciled thereafter, is it also considered as they have endured a karmic pass?

Master Jun Hong Lu:

Of course, the karmic pass is considered over.  After a serious quarrel, the couple would cherish their relationship more and quarrel less just like the emergence of a fine weather after a heavy storm.  With reference to what I had just mentioned earlier on “million karmic passes beyond human redemption”; a person will have at least a thousand karmic passes in his lifetime, for example having a fall during younger days, dropping a tooth, quarrelling with parents, not doing school work properly, committing thefts during childhood, scolding people unnecessarily and receiving complaints from teachers; these are all karmic passes.  The term, “million karmic passes beyond human redemption”, refers to one who had to undergo at least ten lifetimes of karmic passes. Therefore, if he were to commit a very wicked deed, he would not be able to be reincarnated as human being in the next ten lifetimes.