Wenda20160122 01:12:44 [Master Lu’s call-in radio program]



Master, if there are halos on our heads, will our karmic creditors be able to occupy our bodies?

Master Jun Hong Lu:

When there are halos above our heads, karmic creditors will not be able to gain access to the body. Have you read the story “Journey to the West”? When Sun Wukong, the Monkey King in the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, drew a circle around Venerable Xuanzang to protect him, the circle glowed; could the demons enter the circle?

(Oh, if there are halos above the head, the halo wouldn’t go away even when the person passes away?)

Yes, the halo is perpetually on the body.

(What if the person is reincarnated, will the halo stay with him?)

When a person is reincarnated, the strength of the halo will determine how good a family the baby will be born into. Then the halo will slowly disappear. However, if one does not forget its root and begins to practise Buddhism upon rebirth, the halo will reappear very quickly.

(Does it mean that if there is halo on our body, we will have affinity with Buddhism when we are reborn?)

Yes, indeed.

(Oh, do I have halo around my head at the moment?)

Yes you do and you will even get halo around your face if you scrub it a little, ha ha.

(My face is very dark, it won’t turn any brighter even if I scrub it).