Wenda20161127A 33:50
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, how do we eliminate our inclination to brag?

In any conversation, as long as you speak what is necessary, it is not considered as bragging. Once you have made your message understood by the other party, don’t dwell on the subject anymore. It will help you guard against bragging. Showing you rattle on about how good you are is considered bragging, isn’t it?

Caller: That’s right.

Master Jun Hong Lu: For example, in the process of helping the others, you may speak at length about how much effort you have put. However, in the end, if you keep harping on how good you are and how diligent you have been practising Buddhism, isn’t this bragging? The other party has already fully understood what you are trying to say, so stop talking! Stop before you go too far, observe moderation in everything you do. Say only what is necessary as dwelling on something at length would be meaningless.

Caller: I understand now, Master Lu. Thank you for answering my question.