Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk, Tokyo, Japan
October 8, 2016


We know that we should not waste our lives away and here are four things in particular that we should not dwell on:

Number 1: Our worries. Worries are an absolute waste of our lives. To worry is to make things difficult for ourselves. Why get anxious over problems that we are unable to resolve? As a result, you get tensed up and fatigued physically and mentally. Consequently, you will fall ill.

Number 2: Do not waste your time complaining. Please remember, all unnecessary complaints will only keep you away from happiness. Complaints are downright useless, and serve no purpose in extricating you from predicament of life.

Number 3: Do not waste time blaming others. When a problem arises, to blame others will only bring about bitterness and unhappiness thereafter. To blame the circumstances when things are not in your favour is a negative and passive attitude of life. From the Buddhist perspective, this is known as negative energy; and a mentality lacking self-confidence and the ability to undertake responsibilities.

Number 4: Do not compare with others, as it is an utter waste of time. The more you compare, the unhappier you will be. Being joyful and happy are personal feelings. They are not derived from our comparison with others.