Excerpt of Public Talk by Master Jun Hong Lu
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dec 23, 2016

Everyone deals with different levels of stress. Sometimes we wonder how practising Buddhism can help us manage everyday problems. The solution is to gradually face our problems and accept them.

I always tell people that we must accept the problems and difficulties in life. Bearing the consequences of the karmic debts accumulated from past lives with positive attitude is actually a form of courage. The fact is, some people are able to accept while others will find life meaningless whenever they encounter hardships. However, once they are cheered up by something pleasant, they will feel as though the world was created for them.

As humans, we must learn to eliminate our karmic debts. Enduring hardships is one way to eliminate karmic debts. If you refuse to do so, why are you here in the Human Realm? The reason why you are here is to eliminate karmic debts by enduring hardships. Therefore, to eliminate karmic debts is to transform our state of mind and make us realise that in this very lifetime, we have to eliminate our karmic debts accumulated from previous lives, rather than carry them forward to the next lifetime.

As such, do not evade from any difficulties and the feeling of injustice, but to face them boldly. There are many individuals who accept adversities courageously and are able to get over them. On the contrary, those who are unable or refuse to take a bold face would end up with more sufferings.