Wenda20160529B 39:36 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]



A fellow practitioner admired a very well-known deceased person who was also good and knowledgeable. Sometimes, this fellow practitioner would read the articles written by the wise man.  Recently, he dreamt that the wise man was dying on his bed and was clasping this fellow practitioner’s hands for a very long time.  After that, he heard the wise man’s disciple telling him: “this wise man has taken all of the power you had accumulated in Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door’s practice over the past few years.  The wise man also exhausted a lot of his own power”.  Master, please enlighten us if this is true?

Master Jun Hong Lu:

It is probably true and is very powerful!  This is the reason why Master had told you all before not to read unnecessary books!  There is nothing I can do if he likes to read such books, just like some practitioners, while cultivating Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, also pray to all types of fairies and deities at home.  Is it better to cultivate one Dharma door or many others?  Apart from reading notable articles, even when you listened to the songs of the deceased Teresa Teng, she would come to look for you.


Caller:  Yes, previously, I listened to Leslie Cheung’s songs and I dreamt of him.


Master Jun Hong Lu: So, now you see!  When you think of seeing him every day, he will befriend you in your dreams and then it will become a love affair between human and ghost.


Caller: I don’t do it now. I did not know anything before; I just felt that the songs were nice to listen to….


Master Jun Hong Lu:  When it is nice to listen to, you will be mesmerised by it!


Caller:  Master, since this fellow practitioner has exhausted all his power, will his lotus in the heavens drop to the earth?


Master Jun Hong Lu:  Probably not.  This fellow practitioner will probably read some of his books and the wise man’s cultivation may not have been sufficient when he took the fellow practitioner’s merits.  This is just like a drowning person clutching at a straw, grabbing whoever is trying to save him and pulling him down as well.  Therefore, when he saw a good energy field, he grabbed!