Master Jun Hong Lu’s 

World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting

Los Angeles, USA

11 October 2018



Master Jun Hong Lu:

Life is impermanent and lies between our in and out breaths.

A person who is encumbered by the human realm’s ceaselessly demanding desires will rapidly forget their innate nature and conscience.

A person who always pushes himself to achieve greater fame and fortune will gradually lose the innate wisdom.

A Buddhist practitioner needs to understand that in the human realm where the law of causation dictates, there is no right or wrong as all things develop and conclude naturally.

Needless to say, one will let nature take its course instead of creating hindrances for sentient beings with such an understanding.

We must learn to concede, as compromise will make a conflict easy to resolve. Only through cherishing the moment and letting go can we grasp the present for a better tomorrow. Indeed, the wisdom of Buddhism is the best medicine for resolving depression in the human realm.