Wenda20160313B 01:00:15 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: Master, there is a saying that “Anger is like a fire which will burn off the forest of merits and virtues”, could you enlighten us on how it happens?  Is it true that a fit of anger can deplete a significant amount of merits and virtues?

Master Jun Hong Lu:

Yes, it is true.  Let me ask you, if you were to live happily in a house and all of a sudden, the whole house was burnt down, where’s the house then?  It is gone!  Why did you get angry ?  The saying does not mean that the merits and virtues are all gone.  How much of the merit is depleted depends on one’s level of anger

(Can we seek the Bodhisattva’s help to recover the depleted merits caused by our anger)

It is very difficult and quite impossible because you have already created the karma.  For example, you quarrelled with your wife and cursed not only her but also her parents, her grandparents and her ancestors.  Have you not created karmic discord with her?  Although you have been nice to her most of the time, the hurt you created during the argument would have strained the cordial relationship. Now she hates you. It has negated all the good things that you have done all this while.

(Is it morally wrong to display such anger?)

Yes, indeed.  Emotionally or physically abusing others may lead to your arrest. In Australia, if you ever beat up your wife, you will be arrested. In Australia, one is not allowed to beat up women and children, not even dogs.

(In our attempt to discipline or educate our children, would I also be losing merits if I fly into a rage?)

Of course!  The same theory applies. Even if it’s for the benefits of your kids, you still need to use your merits. If you keep scolding your sons, your merits and virtues will be gone.