Wenda20160327B 28:07 [Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program]

Caller: Master Lu, we have been cultivating our mind and conduct for quite a while but we are still not sure if we are able to put it to use. When nothing happens, we seem to be well-versed in theory, but there are still critical moments in life where we fail to do the right things. Though we understand moral principles in the course of spiritual development, unwholesome thoughts such as jealousy still arise, Master, is it a test of our cultivation to gauge the level of our cultivation? How do we rid ourselves of unwholesome thoughts?
Master Jun Hong Lu: It is very simple. When one hasn’t attained thorough awareness, one may understand the principles in the theoretical aspect but it doesn’t mean one has complete understanding when it comes to reality. For example, after you have got a bachelor degree, you still need work experience to get a good job. Similarly, when it comes to cultivating your mind, you need to put it into practice daily. If you don’t interact with people, you would not know how to be tactful and tolerant when dealing with people. Once you start quarrelling with others, anger arises in you. If you know nothing about being tactful and tolerant, you would have been cultivating in vain. This is because you have not practiced what you have learned. (So we really must try to practise them in everyday life…) Yes, while you practise cultivation, you need to enrol yourself as a volunteer and be exposed to different kinds of people including people who are weird. Learn to deal with people with tolerance and diplomacy. This is the so called “ Practical”.