Shuohua20160722 12:11 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]



At times, people tend to be careless in their conversation. For example, some may say things jokingly like “I will work like a horse in my next life to repay someone’s kindness”. If they say such things, will it really lead to the repercussion of being reincarnated in the Animal realm as a result of karma?Master Jun Hong Lu:

Yes. If the vow was made officially with Bodhisattvas around, there will definitely be karmic consequences. If it was unofficial, then it will be fine. It should not be an issue if such vow was made before you start practising Buddhism. This is because a non-practitioner does not possess any ‘energy’, thus, words spoken will have no impact. Let me give you an example, conceptually, do you think there is a difference between vows made by Master and vows made by you?


No doubt it will definitely be different.

Master Jun Hong Lu:

Exactly, it’s that simple.