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Baihuafofa20141218 1:08 (Master Jun Hong Lu’s radio program) WINTER SOLSTICE All of you are advised to exercise more caution during the festival of Winter Solstice, especially during the period prior to the festival. Do take extra care to prevent falls, injuries, catching flus or colds. These pointers have always been in existence in the Chinese [...]


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Master Jun Hong Lu’s  Public Talk in Madrid, Spain May 14, 2016 ANGER MANAGEMENT There are many parents who frequently lose their temper.  Their faces are very unsightly and they experience health problems.   One day, there was a girl who told her mother, “Mommy, you look very pretty today”.   The mother said, “Why?”  “Because mommy [...]

An Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk in Brisbane, 20 March 2016

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People nowadays live in fear. We are fearful of traffic accidents when we walk outside, plane crashes when we board a plane, and unemployment when we go to work. All the worry and fear has caused hurt in ourselves and others. People don’t trust anyone and end up feeling even lonelier. True Buddhists need to [...]

The Basics of Metaphysics (Part II)

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We encounter natural and man-made disasters every day. According to Buddhism, everyone has three vices: greed, hatred and delusion. You may recognize them, but do you know what damages these vices can cause to a person, a country or even the world? You may not, but these days there are constant natural disasters and man-made [...]

Difference between good deed and virtue

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Master Lu, 2009 Feb 9  Many of us are familiar with the saying, “what goes around comes around”. This is equally true from the perspective of Buddhism. Good deeds and good beliefs refer to benevolent actions and compassionate thoughts. Each of these is recorded, and when the time is right – positive karmic rewards will [...]

Methods to prevent the creation of negative karma

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Master Lu, 2009 Feb 12 Every thought we process, every action we take in the present life has the potential to create negative karma. The sources for negative karma include greed, hatred, ignorance, grasping to the existence of self, grasping to the existence of others, grasping to the existence of forms, etc. Then how do [...]