Shuohua20130830 23:35 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: One of our Buddhist friends would like to know whether we are allowed to take pictures of food that we consume.

Master Jun Hong Lu: There is no issue if the food is vegetarian. However, it is best not to take pictures of food containing animals. For example, if you take pictures of dishes like roast suckling pig or duck platter, the foreign spirits will be captured and will tag along with you.

Caller: That is to say, we can only take picture of vegetarian food?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You may as long as it’s vegetarian food. For non-vegetarian food, you cannot do so. It is good that you raised this question. Otherwise, I will not mention it as it is likely to slip my mind. If you have observed, there are many ignorant people who keep snapping pictures of non-vegetarian dishes served at wedding banquets. When they returned home, these people would quarrel and would be down on their luck. This is because the images captured in the photos have spirits in them.

Caller: Is this similar to the concept of having images of animals on our clothing.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes.