Recitation of Sheng Wu Liang Shou Chueh Ting Kuang Ming Wang To Lo Ni, or Arya Amitayur Niyama Prabharaja Dharani in Sanskrit, can help you to eliminate the possibility for having a short lifespan, or experiencing sudden and unexpected death; to extend your life, and obtain safety and good fortune; and to quickly achieve the accomplishment of Bodhi and obtain enlightenment. Recitation of this mantra can help you to extend your life. Karmic Passes is the predetermined period of time which follows a karmic pattern that calamities are destined to occur. It can be recited after major Karmic Passes in life, or to extend life after being diagnosed with severe illness, or for elders when praying to extend their lives.

The full title of each sutra and mantra should be included each time before it is recited. For example, before reciting the content of the Arya Amitayur Niyama Prabharaja Dharani, you should recite its full title: Sheng Wu Liang Shou Chueh Ting Kuang Ming Wang To Lo Ni.

Recite as needed: Generally 21, 27 or 49 times per day; can be recited day or night.

Prayer: Before reciting this mantra, you can say your prayer or wish as follows, “May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, help me to eliminate calamities and extend my life.”