Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse
(Question 117)


Q: Nowadays, many youngsters, including office workers and students, love to use a countdown app on their smart phones as a reminder to count the period of time backwards before important events in their life. May I know, how we should look at this from a metaphysical perspective? Does it have any adverse effects?

A: It is definitely not good! One must move forward, not backward. The countdown is counting the numbers backward, like going backwards in life. What does it imply as regards countdown? It’s like getting one step closer to death every day. That’s bad luck! One should always look ahead but never look back. For example, only two days until exam date. If you say “I have only two more days to go”, isn’t this bad luck? And you will be going overseas in a week. If you say “I still have seven days left” or “I still have six days left”, it implies bad luck and it is inauspicious to say things like that.