In the afternoon of July 8th, 2012, religious leaders from London and all over the world, members of the British royal family, members of parliament, celebrities, and local citizens gathered at Southall Park in Ealing Borough, West London, to participate in the second annual Unity of Faiths Festival.

This gathering of compassion had attracted over 26,000 participants of different ages, ethnicities, regions, and beliefs. The inaugural Unity of Faiths Festival in June 2011 received support from the Queen and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In addition to this continued support, the 2012 event also received extensive support from the Mayor of London and members of the city council, as well as diplomats from many countries.

Many performers also joined in the event, including Bollywood star Ash King, Reggae singer Gappy Ranks, and Cassius Henry, former contestant from “The Voice UK” on BBC One, and more.

In the past 12 months, in addition to the preparation of the festival activities, members of the organising committee also participated in many local activities to promote compassion, including helping the troubled and unemployed youths. This festival has demonstrated that through faith and compassion, young people can achieve success over time.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, commended this event, “This wonderful gathering reflects the greatness of our city. This is a superb example demonstrating how the younger generation work together with the rest of the community, regardless of their belief or denomination.”

According to the organiser of the Unity of Faiths Festival, the goal of the event is simple. That is, to develop peace and harmony within community groups. Certificates and awards were presented to outstanding individuals from various religious groups who have made significant contributions. The President of 2OR Australia Oriental Radio, Master Jun Hong Lu, was honoured with the “World Peace Award (Buddhism)” for his selfless dedication in serving the public.

Through the celebration with members of parliament, religious leaders, celebrities, and the general public, this gathering has demonstrated the power of unity, encouragement, and trust to London, as well as to the world.