The following case is extracted from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” Grand Dharma Function in Hong Kong 2012. Master Lu performed Totem Enquiries live on stage and answered questions from the audience to help them overcome difficulties with their health, career, and everyday issues.

When a person is asking Master Lu to perform Totem Enquiry, if a living person is being enquired, then the year of birth and the Chinese zodiac sign of that person are to be stated. If a deceased person is being enquired, then the full name of the deceased and the exact written characters of the name are to be stated.

A child with severe Autism has been reluctant to speak for 19 years. Under the blessing and guidance of Master Lu, the child immediately began to speak and smile.


Master Lu: Alright. Hm. What’s your question?

Enquirer: Respected Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Respected Master Lu. Could you please take a look at a person born in 1993, Year of the Rooster, female. See if there are foreign spirits occupying her body.

Master Lu: Which year of the Rooster?

Enquirer: 1993.

Master Lu: Oh. There’s a foreign spirit occupying this young lady’s body. Let me tell you, she doesn’t talk much. Her mind is very… She’s a very introverted young lady.

Enquirer: Yeah, yeah.

Master Lu: I can tell you that this young lady often says strange things. There’s a foreign spirit occupying her body. Let me tell you, this has already affected her brain. Is that correct?

Enquirer: Yes! Yes! It’s been 19 years.

Master Lu: Let me tell you, you must recite Little Houses for her as quickly as possible. This is because you had an abortion before. The aborted child is occupying her body. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: Recite for her mindfully and sincerely.

Enquirer: How should I recite? How many Little Houses?

Master Lu: Oh dear. How come she doesn’t know?

Master Lu: Hm.

Enquirer: I’m a beginner.

Master Lu: Beginner?

Enquirer: Yes.

Master Lu: But your number was drawn. So, how about this, you recite 21 Little Houses first. Alright? Recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Ta Pei Chou) 49 times per day. The Heart Sutra (Hsin Ching) 27 times per day. The Jvala Mahaugra Dharani (Hsiao Tsai Chi Hsiang Shen Chou) 49 times per day. Also, can you perform Life Liberation, and make Great Vows?

Enquirer: I’m already performing Life Liberation.

Master Lu: Regarding making a Great Vow, “If my daughter recovers… May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless my daughter to have good health. I will do this and this.” As a minimum, “I will not consume live seafood again.” Can you be vegetarian on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month?

Enquirer: Yes. As long as it can save my daughter, I will do it.

Enquirer: I will listen to Master Lu.

Master Lu: You should transfer merits to the aborted child as soon as possible so it can proceed to a better place. You daughter has been like this for many years. I can also tell you that, it’s very unfortunate. Her mind is sometimes clear, other times not.

Enquirer: Yes. Yes. It’s like that.

Master Lu: She can be saved. I can tell you that it’s not life threatening. Now I can see that there’s a period of at least a year and half. If you perform recitations mindfully and sincerely, then there will be a turning point for her. Otherwise, she will lose her memory. Completely. In other words, she won’t be able to remember anything. Do you understand? If within this year and half, you can mindfully and sincerely perform Life Liberation and make Great Vows, I can tell you that, she will definitely be saved.

Enquirer: Thank you, Master Lu. I will definitely follow your instructions. In my dreams, I even dreamt that you phoned me. You asked me to bring my daughter here. My daughter can only be saved here.

Master Lu: Yes, this is the Dharmakaya [known as “Truth Body” in English] of Master Lu. Do you know that the child beside you also has problems. Do you understand? The child beside you.

Enquirer: This is my daughter.

Master Lu: Oh. This is the daughter, right? Oh, oh, oh. I thought this was another boy.

Enquirer: It’s her. It’s her.

Master Lu: Alright. Everything else is okay. Master Lu… She doesn’t talk much. She almost doesn’t talk at all. I will bless her, and she will say something immediately. Alright. Can you please be quiet for now? Okay. Okay. What’s her name?

Enquirer: Her pervious name on the birth certificate was Tang Chin.

Master Lu: Please keep quiet. You’re not your child. Place the microphone beside her mouth. Please keep quiet. Tang Chin. Tang Chin.

Enquirer: Her new name is Tang Hsiao Ming. Everyone calls her Hsiao Ming.

Master Lu: Ah. Hsiao Ming. Hsiao Ming. Ey. Hsiao Ming. Ah. How are you? How are you? Not good. Can you say something? Master Lu will teach you how to speak. Alright? Everyone will be happy if you say something. As soon as you say something, everyone will applaud for you. Hsiao Ming. Alright? Say something. Do you know how to speak? Say something. Guan Yin Bodhisattva is coming to save you.

Enquirer’s daughter: Bodhisattva.

Enquirer: Thank you, Master Lu. Thank you, Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Master Lu: Will you listen to Master Lu? Will you listen to Master Lu?

Enquirer’s daughter: Yes.

Enquirer: Thank you, Master Lu. Thank you, Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Master Lu: No problem. She can be saved. Alright?

Enquirer: Thank you, Master Lu.

Master Lu: Perform recitations mindfully and sincerely. Okay. Thank you.

Enquirer: I’m grateful. Thank you to all the Dharma friends for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to all the Dharma cultivators for giving me this opportunity. Thank you, everyone.