The following case is extracted from “International Buddhist Conference with Master Lu” Grand Dharma Function in Malaysia on 28 August 2011. Master Lu performed Totem Enquiries live on stage and answered questions from the audience to help them overcome difficulties in their health, career, and everyday issues.

When a person is asking Master Lu to perform Totem Enquiry, if a living person is being enquired, then the year of birth and the Chinese zodiac sign of that person should be stated. If a deceased person is being enquired, then the full name of the deceased and the exact written characters of the name should be stated.


Enquirer: Hi, Master Lu. I’m from Shanghai. I have two questions that I would like to ask you. One is about my daughter. She has been sick ever since she was born. Now she is 24 years old and she has autism. It can’t be cured. She was born in November 1988, year of the Dragon. And she has started to perform recitations. We would like to ask Master Lu, what’s the best method for her to cultivate. This is the first question.

Master Lu: 1981, year of the Dragon?

Enquirer: November 1988, year of the Dragon.

Master Lu: Hm. Does anyone know what autism is? Autism is in fact a mental problem. It’s in fact an illness due to karmic obstacles originated from negative karmas. What is autism? People with autism isolate themselves. In fact, they isolate themselves from everyone else. The main cause is… At an early age, it is mostly due to external factors. When they’re a bit older, after being isolated for a long period of time, foreign spirits would occupy their body. And the foreign spirits occupy their body according to the severity of the autism. Alright. Now I will tell you, I have performed a Totem Enquiry for her just now. I had a look for her very quickly. She has two foreign spirits. These two foreign spirits have large demands. First of all, ah, is she your daughter?

Enquirer: Yes, she’s my daughter.

Master Lu: Let me tell you, you know, when she was little… When she was little, you argued with your wife too often.

Enquirer: Yes, that’s correct.

Master Lu: You fought too much, and she felt scared, and then she started to isolate herself. This was the initial stage.

Enquirer: Especially when my wife just became pregnant.

Master Lu: You couldn’t let it go, and you kept on fighting and arguing with her.

Enquirer: Yes yes yes.

Master Lu: So the child was affected. Right?

Enquirer: Yes yes yes.

Master Lu: And then, you should remember… According to your current condition, you should remember, to Master Lu, autism is not a difficult issue. Doctors can’t cure it, but Master Lu can definitely cure it.

Enquirer: Thank you, Master Lu. Thank you, Master Lu. Now the question is, my daughter can perform recitations herself. What should she recite?

Master Lu: You should recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Ta Pei Chou) 49 times per day.

Enquirer: Is it my daughter who should recite 49 times a day?

Master Lu: If you can ask her to recite some and you recite some for her, then that would be even better.

Enquirer: Now my wife and I… Our whole family is now cultivating under your Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door.

Master Lu: You should recite it together.

Enquirer: Recite it together, and every day we recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Ta Pei Chou) 49 times.

Master Lu: Then you should recite Little Houses for her continuously.

Enquirer: So recite Little Houses non-stop. I’m reciting Little Houses now, but I haven’t recited a lot. I’ll speed up the recitations.

Master Lu: If you don’t recite enough Little Houses, then it would be difficult for the child. How old is your child?

Enquirer: 24 years old. She has the disability certificate and she can’t work. But since she started reciting the sutras and mantras according to your teachings, I feel that she has improved a lot. Especially these past few months, the effects have been significant.

Master Lu: Definitely.

Enquirer: She can cook now.

Master Lu: You live with her, of course you can feel her improvements.

Enquirer: Yes.

Master Lu: So, you should think about it, and recite more Little Houses. Later on, the situation will gradually transform. Just now you have heard from a lady. The condition of her son was much more severe than your daughter’s. They recited approximately 2000 Little Houses for his condition to improve.

Enquirer: I understand, I understand.

Master Lu: I would like to ask you, how many Little Houses have you recited?

Enquirer: Now I really haven’t recited that many. I feel bad, I feel really bad.

Master Lu: Have you recited 30 Little Houses?

Enquirer: No, I really don’t dare to say. I feel really bad.

Master Lu: See? This is the kind of father who wants to save his daughter. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand, I understand.

Master Lu: Ah! This is not very good.

Enquirer: Yes yes yes. This is very bad.

Master Lu: Somebody come! Drag him out! Ha ha ha. Okay?

Enquirer: Also, Master Lu, when my daughter performs recitations, because she is disabled she can’t speak clearly. Can she copy the sutras and mantras instead?

Master Lu: No, please don’t copy, please don’t copy. You should recite sutras and mantras. Just performing recitations is enough.

Enquirer: Really? Ah. Okay, okay.

Master Lu: Because when you copy sutras and mantras, in fact you are recording something on paper as evidence. So everyone, please listen carefully. Tonight, when I perform Totem Enquiry for you, I’m not saying that I won’t talk about metaphysics concepts, or that I won’t talk about Buddhist philosophies. I will also talk about these. Let me tell you, listen carefully. For many things, you shouldn’t write them down. Why do some people become poorer and poorer? Bought a bunch of spinach, 80 cents. Bought a piece of meat, $3.20. You write everything down. As soon as you write them down the underworld would know. So the more you write, the poorer you will get. Ah. Rich people don’t write these things down. They don’t care too much and so they have more and more money. So from now on, you should all write less. The people who are clapping are the ones who write down everything.

Enquirer: Master Lu, I would like to know, will my daughter recover? Will she improve?

Master Lu: Let me tell you… You just told me, how old is she?

Enquirer: 24. Since we have reached middle age, we’re very worried about the child in later years.

Master Lu: 3 years later, you won’t be asking me this question.

Enquirer: Thank you, Master Lu. Thank you, Master Lu. Thank you, Master Lu.

Master Lu: But under one condition: if you still don’t mindfully and sincerely perform recitations for your daughter… Ah. Next time, don’t come to see me.

Enquirer: Understand. I feel bad, I feel really bad.

Master Lu: Okay?

Enquirer: Okay, okay, okay. Master Lu, my second question is about me and my wife. According to the old saying, we’re said have karmic conflicts, as our age gap is 6 years. She’s a Dragon and I’m a Dog. I was born in 1958 and she was born in 1964. It seems like next year we’ll experience Karmic Passes. There’ll be a major Karmic Passes in the year of the Dragon next year. I would like to ask Master Lu…

Master Lu: It’s not Karmic Passes. For the year of the Dragon, for example, there would be karmic conflicts. People say these are calamities involving a loss of blood or fatality, or there is a conflict with “Tai Sui”. So I would like to say, the questions he asks are very good. Then I would like to tell everyone, sometimes, you don’t understand. You know, for example, why do we pay respects to Tai Sui Bodhisattva? Right? Why do many people wear red clothes? And wear red under garments to prevent misfortune and calamities? Right? However, regarding Tai Sui Bodhisattva, or the Bodhisattva of the year, you should remember, if a monastery tells you that you should pay respects to Tai Sui Bodhisattva and show you that, “Oh, this statue is Tai Sui Bodhisattva”, then this person is lying to you. In fact, you know that Tai Sui Bodhisattva is the Bodhisattva on duty from the above. Tai Sui Bodhisattva changes every year. Therefore , think about it, how could Tai Sui Bodhisattva have a fixed figure? So many people don’t understand. What can we do then? If we’re not able to pay respects and make offerings to Tai Sui Bodhisattva? Have a look in the temples and see if there are any Tai Sui Bodhisattvas, you won’t be able to find figures of Tai Sui Bodhisattva. Right? Okay. Let me tell you, it’s very simple. This is what Guan Yin Bodhisattva told me and let me tell all of you: You can use a small piece of yellow paper and write “Tai Sui Bodhisattva” on it. Then, you can use a small photo frame to frame it. It’s best to use a gold coloured frame, and then you can make offerings and pay respects. Tai Sui Bodhisattva changes every year, but with this photo frame, you can pay respects and make offerings to Tai Sui Bodhisattva even though Tai Sui Bodhisattva changes every year. This can guarantee that you will be blessed and protected against calamities involving a loss of blood or fatality.

Enquirer: Thank you, thank you.

Master Lu: Now let’s talk about you. You and your wife are said to have an antipathetic relationship according to Chinese tradition as you’re 6 years apart, right? Yes, that’s right. Are the karmic conflicts severe? Yes, quite severe. For this kind of situation… For this kind of situation, for people who don’t perform recitations, then of course this karmic conflict would be relatively severe. But after you perform recitations, you would receive the power of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and you would be a different kind of person. Because I have power, then I have the ability to change myself. What is a change? A change means I am turning the situation upside down. A situation can be obviously bad, but I can improve it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry. Even though you two are said to have an antipathetic relationship since you’re 6 years apart, when you experience your Karmic Passes, if you’re able to pass it, then you will be fine in the end. However, when you’re experiencing your Karmic Passes, the predetermined period of time which follows a karmic pattern that calamities are destined to occur, you should increase your recitation of the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (Chieh Chieh Chou). You should also recite the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance (Li Fo Ta Chan Hui Wen). Also, you should make offerings and pay respects to Tai Sui Bodhisattva. And, you should recite more Heart Sutra (Hsin Ching), because the recitation of the Heart Sutra (Hsin Ching) can help you to resolve the karmic conflicts with your wife. For people who recite a large number of Heart Sutra (Hsin Ching), first of all, they would have wisdom. Secondly, they are able to transform and resolve a lot of negative karmic knots.

Enquirer: Thank you.

Master Lu: Alright.

Enquirer: Master Lu, I would like to ask, for the so-called antipathetic relationship for couples who are 6 years apart, I’ve also read some books on fortune telling. The books say that next year, my wife and I will experience major conflicts. They say that next year would definitely be a very bad year for me. Could you please take a look at my life next year?

Master Lu: For you, from you energy field I can already sense that you have a clever mind but sometimes the way you think is tricky, and you have a lot going on in your mind. Occasionally you will experience Peach Blossom Calamity. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: When you experience Peach Blossom Calamity, you can’t help but to pick a flower and get involved with the girl. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: In the future, make sure you behave yourself.

Enquirer: I will, I will.

Master Lu: Haven’t you heard a song by Teresa Teng?

Enquirer: Yes, I have.

Master Lu: “Don’t pick the wild flowers blooming on the roadside.”

Enquirer: Thank you.

Master Lu: You say to your wife, “It’s free for me to pick the flowers, so why not?” Do you understand? You need to change yourself. Control, in Buddhist term, is called “precepts” [Sila in Sanskrit]. When you have obeyed the precepts, then you can obtain concentration [Samadhi in Sanskrit]. When you can concentrate, then you can obtain wisdom [Panna in Sanskrit]. Only when you have wisdom, then everything will work out smoothly for you. If you can’t obey the precepts, then you won’t have concentration. If you can’t concentrate, then you won’t have wisdom. A person without wisdom will make mistakes and commit wrongdoings. You’re this kind of person. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand. Thank you, Master Lu.